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Owner/Co-Founder Jacob Huckabay

Being born into a true cajun family in deep south Louisiana, Jacob didn’t have the opportunity not to become a sportsman!  The good thing is, is that he took to the outdoors very early on and it seems to have all worked out. Wether in a duck blind with his father Pat or at the deer camp with his grandfathers Glenn and Henry, Jacob spent his entire childhood somehow traversing the outdoor world.  As soon as Jacob was turned loose into the adult world he started to acquire friends and partners in the outdoor arena.  A beginner waterfowl and whitetail guide in Manitoba, eventually transformed into the sole individual responsible for the management of a 58,000 acre commercial whitetail and mule deer operation in southwest Kansas.  Throughout these years in the industry, Jacob made friends from across the globe and took every opportunity given to visit the places that they called home.  From Alaska to Argentina and countless places in between, Jacob hunted and fished with the best of them.  The many trophies along the way seem to take a back seat to the friendships and knowledge he’s gained. 

Our Vision

The amount of industry knowledge we posses is second to none, but the vision and direction we have is unsurpassable!  I firmly believe that ones work ethic coupled with their desire to help people and to do the rights things for the right reasons is what can guide a person to a successful life by anyones standards. Being basically rookies in the commercial world of booking hunts as a full time business, our goal is to not have that title for long. Give us five years and our goal is to be within the top five in the industry. There’s so many reasons why we’ll achieve that, but the greatest drive is the kids!  Being able to involve the people that mean the most to you in life and having them help build what can possibly carry them and their kids into the future is rewarding beyond words.  So like we said check back with us in five years!

Help us grow

     Our customer base is growing which is absolutely awesome.  This means a couple things to us.  One, that our adventures are top notch and super smooth, and two that our customers are truly loving the service we provide and the seamless process we give.  With that being said, we only have a limited amount of outfitters and adventures to put our customers on before we run out of spots.  If you know any outfitters or guides in any outdoor industry and area or are one for that matter that would be willing to partner with an innovative and driven group of people who can funnel customers to them, let us know.  And don’t worry, if we can make the deal, we will definitely involve you!

Why We Do What We Do

There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, that we hold as sacred as our freedom.  Without it, we are nothing and have nothing!  Although the ability to travel and enjoy this great country along with others comes at a cost, the most beautiful thing to me is that there are those among us that are willing to protect that. It is our belief at hard nock adventures that those who protect our freedoms shall be repaid to the best of our ability, and that’s why the Patrick Williamson Memorial Foundation means so much to us.  Not only do we believe in this foundation, we have a personal interest in it.  Patrick was a friend of ours who was taken by an IED while he was defending our freedom.  There’s so much more to this story but believe me when I tell you that this is why we do what we do!  Check out the foundation page and feel free to become involved with this awesome movement.

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Southern hospitality at its finest!

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