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We specialize in the complete organization of custom package style adventures,
not only in the United States and Canada, but also in some of the finest locations found anywhere in the world.
Waterfowl & Wing
Our passion for waterfowl has pushed us to chase birds across the flyways of the world. From their tundra origins to the Deep South wintering grounds, we've been there!
From all corners of the globe our fishing adventures are worth a look.
From high mountain lakes to low ocean flats, we can put you on the fish.
It makes us no difference how you want to do it all that matters to us is what you want to do and we’ll make it happen.
long bear
Big Game
Our passion is chasing big game with a bow, but that doesn't stop the love for it all! Let's talk big game, and find the trip you've dreamed of. We've probably been there!

Why We Do What We Do

There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, that we hold as sacred as our freedom.  Without it, we are nothing and have nothing!  Although the ability to travel and enjoy this great country along with others comes at a cost, the most beautiful thing to me is that there are those among us that are willing to protect that. It is our belief at hard nock adventures that those who protect our freedoms shall be repaid to the best of our ability, and that’s why the Patrick Williamson Memorial Foundation means so much to us.  Not only do we believe in this foundation, we have a personal interest in it.  Patrick was a friend of ours who was taken by an IED while he was defending our freedom.  There’s so much more to this story but believe me when I tell you that this is why we do what we do!  Check out the foundation page and feel free to become involved with this awesome movement.

We have a great variety of options and can tailor an individual adventure to suit your needs.

For over twenty years, we have traveled and hunted this amazing country making friends and new family all along the way.  It is absolutely not our job to sell you trips!  What we do is free to you, and we have taken all the legwork and guess work out of planning your trip.  We have personally been to each of our featured locations and can without a doubt say that these places are part of our family.  

Exceptional trip! Jacob and Melinda put together the total package for us. Can't wait to see what's next!
Bill Simon
kodiak Halibut
jed testimonial
great trip! These guys have it down for sure. The level of planning they did let us relax and enjoy the trip.
Jed Lopez
Kodiak Halibut
heath testimonial
Never did I think it would be that cool! Argentina was incredible never mind the gobs of birds. Hard Nock knocked it out the park!
Heath Breaux
Argentina Dove
kansas whitetail
Two years in Kansas, and two of the biggest deer of my life!
Jordan Musso
kansas whitetail
Jay Smith

North America Big Game

As most of us know, North America has some tremendous big game opportunities.  No matter the desire, we have the destination.  From massive alligators in the swamps of Louisiana, hard rutting whitetail and mule deer in the midwest and show stopping bears across Canada and Alaska, we have it all!

North America Fishing

Where do you even start?  North America has likely the most diverse fisheries on the planet.  Fish hard hitting tuna in the gulf of Mexico or cast a relaxing fly on the north platte river.  Our fishing destinations cover from one end of the continent to the other, and offer some of the most highly sought after species, not to mention destinations.

North America Waterfowl and Wing

Do whistling wings of any kind get your heart pumping like it does ours?  Our flying fare destinations across the continent are like none other. Enjoy a laid back Texas afternoon dove shoot or walk the rolling fields of Kansas and Nebraska behind a fine pointer chasing pheasant.  Theres even those crisp Canadian mornings where you get covered up by the honks of flight after flight of newly migrating Canada geese.


There’s a drive in us all to explore the things and places that we’ve never been and to do the things we’ve never done.  Every new adventure creates experiences and stories that can’t be taken from us.  We see things and places that when it’s time to share it with the ones who weren’t there, we find ourselves having trouble describing the grander of it all.  It’s the places and experiences that carry the disclaimer of pictures don’t do it justice. Let’s go!

South America Waterfowl and Wing

South America is known for its overly abundant numbers when it comes to winged fowl, and for good reason.  Its also known for its over the top luxury hospitality.  When’s the last time you had someone bring the drinks and afternoon snacks to you while you relaxed in the hot tub before your five course meal?  That’s the South America destinations we know!

South America Big Game

South america is home to some of the least known big game species in the world, but don’t let that discourage you from making it a bucket list adventure. Argentina, and Uruguay both offer phenomenal big game opportunities. Argentina stag hunting is absolutely unparalleled just as its hospitality is, and its close neighbor Uruguay is no different with several species of deer and exotic goats. There are also bone chilling water buffalo hunts available throughout the county that will thrill even the most seasoned hunters among us. 

Meet Our Team

Melinda Huckabay

Southern hospitality at its finest!

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Hailey was born with focus


This kid is going places

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